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Key themes

We'll be hosting global experts who'll speak and present papers on a diverse range of themes during the conference.
Together, we'll set the set the wheels in motion in reimagining the future of heavy vehicles, roads and freight.

1. Application of WIM for heavy vehicle operations and access

2. Data management, governance, stewardship

3. Digital technology and data

4. Greening road freight transport, carbon reduction, electrification, alternative fuels

5. Heavy vehicle design and technology

6. Heavy vehicle safety, driver safety, heavy vehicles as a workplace

7. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and traffic management integration

8. Managing the growing freight task, changes in the freight task, micro freight

9. Measuring mass: in-road and on-vehicle

10. Regulations, standards and specifications

11. Supply chain resilience and security

12. Users’ experience with WIM

13. WIM data for road asset management, bridge engineering, tolling 

14. WIM for compliance and enforcement

15. WIM standards and specifications

Electric heavy vehicle green transport Technology Convergence 2023
Digital technology and data Technology Convergence 2023
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