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International Society for Weigh In Motion (ISWIM)

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The International Society for Weigh-In-Motion (ISWIM) is a global association representing all those with an interest in the weighing of vehicles when in motion. Our members include researchers, vendors and end-users of WIM technology (both infrastructure and vehicle based) and the data it delivers. WIM technology includes systems in or under the road pavement, bridges, rail tracks and on-board vehicles. The data it delivers is critical to the design, maintenance and operation of infrastructure networks and in optimizing the operation of innovative heavy vehicles.

ISWIM aims to support advances in the different WIM technologies and to promote the more widespread application of WIM systems and data. We do this through the organisation of international scientific conferences, regional seminars and workshops, on WIM technology and applications and through the promotion of the use of WIM systems and data at exhibitions and trade fairs. On the ISWIM website we share papers, articles and other information on international research, development projects and of standards related to WIM and its applications.

HVTT Forum

The purpose of the International Forum for Heavy Vehicle Transport & Technology (HVTT Forum) is to promote and support the development of road freight transport technology, safety and policy and to facilitate information exchange between researchers, policy makers, regulators, road agencies and the transport industry. It does this by running regular international symposia, electronic discussion groups and other relevant initiatives.

The purpose of the Forum remains to formalise and support the running of regular international symposia and to facilitate information exchange between researchers, policy makers, regulators, road authorities and the transport industry. The primary goal of the symposia is to bring together in close proximity the various disciplines of road transport to broaden knowledge and perspective. Since 1992, these symposia have provided a unique opportunity to discuss the technology, safety and policy aspects of transport technology.

Heavy Vehicle Transport & Technology Forum HVTT Forum

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